Rock Your Basic White On Every Occasion

Select the Right Fabric and Color

Not all white sarees are made equal, and the quality of the fabric can make a huge difference when choosing your piece. For a saree that can be worn even in autumn or wintertime, you should pick a material that is not see-through.

On the other hand, when wearing white, you should always pay attention to pairing your skin tone. For example, fairer skins tend to look better with warm whites, while olive complexions match cooler shades of white.


Wearing a white saree is the perfect time to show off your favourite accessories. From boho-style necklaces to other accessories made of different materials, you can play with different looks and change your style every time.

Don’t forget to try with jewellery made of glass beads or even feather pendants. Long and chain necklaces are another great option, especially if paired with chandelier earrings.

If you wish to enhance your silhouette or change the style of your white saree, you can just add a wide belt of any color. Pair a matching clutch and you will just be perfect for a night out, even the most formal ones.

This hint of color and different textures will help break up the monochrome of your outfit and make you look immediately fabulous. On the other hand, try to not exaggerated: the beauty of a white saree is in its simplicity.


Don’t Forget Your Other Clothes

If you are afraid that your white saree may look too plain, then you can customise your outfit by layering other pieces of clothes on top. Since white will act as a blank canvas, you can pair different color, or even patterned pieces.

From crop top to blazers, any add-on will transform your look and enhance your outfit. You can create a different outfit every day, just by pairing your white saree with all the tools already at your disposal in your wardrobe. This is what we meant when we mentioned how versatile a simple white saree can be!

If it’s too hot for layering other clothes, you can just add a detachable collar, which will make your saree more elegant and can be used as an alternative to necklaces. Otherwise, you can use a colourful scarf or a fancy silk foulard.